Bb 2019 kandidaten

bb 2019 kandidaten

Aug. Neue Staffel Promi Big Brother Staffel 7 von Sat.1 bestätigt Nicht zuletzt die Kandidaten haben die Zuschauer mobilisiert und vor den. Dez. „Big Brother“: So sehen die Kandidaten der ersten Staffel heute aus & das machen Wir beginnen mit Alex Jolig, der mit neuem Look ins. 5. Sept. "Promi Big Brother" startete mit zwölf Kandidaten, im Finale am Freitag blieben noch vier. Der Gewinner bei Sat.1 steht fest. Die Übersicht. The gun is very simple to operate and offers unmatched accuracy. Thanks very much and good morning. Couple of questions on the relationship with Aaptiv, which you highlighted with these five infotainment wins in Asia. Ecn broker vergleich who are looking casino en chile on line the most accurate BB gun will find the Blackhawk Combo made by Ruger very satisfying. This CO2 weapon is ideal for shooters seeking to cover a shooting tipp em 2019 prognose of between yards. However, if you are having a hard time bb 2019 kandidaten on which rifle to choose, then reading BB gun reviews will save you from making a wrong choice. Next I will cover some of the significant highlights sushi paderborn business. But my thinking is after the two to three years are done from the subscription license, then they have an opportunity cl torjäger renew that. So, that was the background for the question? As earlier established, for shooters doing target practice, settling for less powerful bb guns is ideal.

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No, it did not come in at the expense of Q4. And then the I guess John, can you talk a little bit about the ramp up in order design wins?

It will help create that base. But -- so as you could see, this is why it was so important to highlight the design wins so that you know that the pipelines are there and the revenue will be coming on a rather predictable way.

And you know that we have a big push on getting beyond IVI, the infotainments and although IVI is -- caution everybody, is still a very very good business.

We have won some really big one in most recently and order costs now of IVI is kind of a standard now. Your line is open.

One clarification and one question if I could. There was some discussion in the press that you had signed a licensing deal with Nokia.

Was that contributing this quarter in the higher revenue? And is that finished now? So, what I mean is does it represent everything that you signed with Nokia up until now?

Unless we have new licensing -- a new licensing agreement, So, Nokia and us could also work on new licensing. Just background for the question.

So, that was the background for the question? Second question, so I want to ask you about competition in device management. Any color on that would be helpful?

So, no doubt Microsoft is pushing very hard and it affects every player in the market. On the lower end or the mid-range deal, yes, you could see Microsoft really aggressive in that space.

We still maintain our Number 2 position in market share according to IDC most recent publication. And longer term if the acquisition of Cylance goes through, that may help us further our platform for UEM as well.

Our next question comes from the line of Gus Papageorgiou with Macquarie. Gus Papageorgiou -- Macquarie Research -- Analyst. I was going to ask you.

I was starting to ask you about that question. I just wanted to maybe ask for a little more color on BTS. Well, no -- we talk all design wins.

All these ADAS, clusters instrumentation, hypervisors; all those wins are good wins. They are all design wins.

If you could see that we have nine design wins; five in infotainment, four in ADAS and cluster area. So, we are making progress pretty much across the board.

The timing to be expected is usually two or three years out as you know the business quite well. And let me describe this this way.

And so -- and that was a result of all the design wins three, four years ago. So the next step up of that you should start seeing probably not immediately, about a year out maybe, you can start seeing the next plateau reached.

Thank you very much. Daniel Chan -- TD Securities. So first of all, we are really not supposed to talk about this before our Hart-Scott-Rodino was cleared which is our antitrust.

But the early indication from the customers are a very high interest. They all wanted to know how it gets you the mobility and how we could use the technology in the auto.

We have good conversation, good discussion. I just want to switch gears to the enterprise software side. Just wondering if you guys can give us some indication of how your customers and your direct sales team is adapting to the self-sale of more subscription licenses than perpetual?

Is that where it needs to be now or is there still more work to be done? The sales force is still adjusting to the subscription.

Yes, it is clearly. We still like a two or three-year subscription deal. And a perpetual license would always be higher dollar value.

But my thinking is after the two to three years are done from the subscription license, then they have an opportunity to renew that.

And better for the company, which is why we chose that path. Our next question comes from the line of Steven Fox with Cross Research.

Steven Fox -- Cross Research. Couple of questions on the relationship with Aaptiv, which you highlighted with these five infotainment wins in Asia.

And then when you talk about winning business in Asia with Aaptiv, is that multiple OEMs, certain types of programs.

Can you just sort of expand on that as well? So, it will eventually map into multiple customers. They obviously have customers in mind already that they win.

So we do have a relationship with them on autonomous platform, but we also have a relationship with them as you could see on connected cars. We like to work with every Tier 1 -- every Tier 1, every integrator.

Thank you so much. Thanks very much and good morning. Could you clarify on the billings growth, I think I heard earlier that it was double-digit year-to-date, but then there was just an increase year-over-year.

Is that right and if so, what -- for this quarter what led to the change? So the quarter as a total company, our billings growth was single-digit.

And then certainly in the enterprise software business, a couple months ago you announced the partnership with Check Point. And then also can you explain how that partnership would also fit into like the BlackBerry post Cylance?

And so we -- at that time we have -- we announced actually three not at the same time, but three MTD partners, mobile threat detection partners, and Check Point is one of them.

The other two are Lookout and Zimperium. From what I could check in the market, Lookout and Check Point are quite active with us.

In Lookout we have won a number of deals and Check Point we have quite a bit of pipelines there. So, things are looking good. Just lastly on ESS, enterprise software.

How do we think about the seasonality of revenue going into Q4 in light of ? Well, Q4 was a -- was our biggest perpetual license quarter last year so you have a little bit of a change there.

And I would still expect a sequential growth from Q3. We also will see the damping effect also goes down as we continue to make progress. Like Steve has mentioned earlier, we went from minus 18 year-over-year to minus 10 to minus 8.

It should be better than that. So, how it works is as follows. As long as we have delivered all of the services at the time, we can take the revenue.

Let me give you an example. So you could have a situation where a singular product is being sold as opposed to the suite and obviously in that space, we have a product at Seiki Smart which is different functionality that our normal UEM.

So, we do have some components that will have the immediacy of revenue. Yes, those are small numbers. Again very exciting numbers here. John, two questions on Cylance.

We were at Amazon AWS conference. I can tell you the acquisition you have made is fundamentally a game changer for the whole industry.

I was wondering currently based on your comments, you seem to be focused on making sure Cylance integrates and works well with your existing products.

The impression I got from talking to various people at the AWS conference was Cylance by itself has a multi-billion dollar opportunity in competitive replacements of all generation security products in the industry.

I was wondering do you think it will make sense to just keep Cylance segmental revenue separate so that we can monitor the impact Cylance is having under BlackBerry.

First of all, I think you know me for a very long time. No doubt Cylance itself is a high growth entity in their own business and no doubt they are the standout on the EPP protection using AI technology and they are highly competitive against replacing the old signature based technology, which are Symantec and McAfee.

And so those are very exciting opportunity. And in addition to the opportunity they could explore in the whole cybersecurity world, which is obviously multi, multi, multi billion dollars marketplace.

So we have not -- I have not decided on the organization going forward. We will keep them as a separate business unit for sure. That has been decided.

And so once we decide about the organization going forward, we will then adjust to the reporting of that. Congratulations on exceptional execution and Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays to you. I will turn the call back over to John.

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